about me

lisa anne rossi bring to my practice the internal wisdom of 9 years of dedicated self-inquiry and spiritual practice.  meditation (with and without plant spirits), mindfulness practice, yoga, chanting, compassion, singing, and praying are all parts of my self-care routine.  i consider self-care to be an essential component of our ability to be in the world in satisfying and meaningful ways… it certainly has been for me!

in 2005 i attended massage school in new york city to give some structure to my healing work.  i was called to work in the spirit realms, but also had a deep understanding that i needed to be rooted in my body and an understanding of the way it functions before i could sail into space, so to speak.  after graduation, i augmented my skills with advanced study in myofascial release and continue to be fascinated with the complexity and importance of this connective tissue in our bodies.

i brought plant spirits into my bodywork practice 5 years ago after being introduced to this modality by scott kloos in the elderberry school of botanical medicine.  i’ve since studied with scott in the school of forest medicine and continue to work with him in plant immersions.

my passion for my role as a healer comes from both my own healing journey and my desire to be in service to the earth.  in an earlier part of my life i struggled with despair and self-worth issues that included years on anti-depressants and recreational drug abuse.  in 2003, i had a profound experience of connection with spirit that led me back to myself.  as i came back into my center i heard the call: that i could (and would!) help other people to remember how to heal themselves too.

as i’ve grown in my understanding of the ways humans have impacted the ecosystems and natural cycles of our planet, my dedication to serve the earth has increased.  introducing people to the plants of their bioregion and watching them form relationships with them and the place where they grow is humbling and deeply satisfying.

i am a life lover and in the forest you may find me kissing flowers, inhaling the aroma of soil, and singing songs of praise.  i’m a sucker for hot springs, petting the cats of portland, and walking barefoot in the city in the summertime.  i am in awe of the mystery and wonder of this world and my place in it, and grateful to have an opportunity to walk my path amidst people committed to their healing.