how it works

the work that i do is deeply rooted in a belief that our bodies and minds have the innate ability to heal themselves.  i support and aid your process by holding you in this truth and offering a powerful space and process within which to grow and transform.

the process i assist you through is effective
because of these four potent stages:

connection to self:
in order to heal, you need a reliable and powerful way to connect with your own internal deep wisdom—that place inside where you are eternally centered and strong.  together we will explore a variety of techniques to explore which ways of grounding and connecting work best for you.  deep connection to the self supplies the courage and strength to do the necessary work of healing and rewards you with an easier and more fulfilling experience of yourself.

connection to allies:
once you are deeply grounded in yourself, you are able to make a strong connection with allies from the natural world.  like the mushroom in the forest, we exist in a web of connection to forces both seen and unseen.  utilizing the strength and support of this web, you can become your fullest and most vibrant self.  in this stage, i guide you to a place where your wisdom connects to the wisdom and spirit of the plants, a place where you can draw on the support of these allies to aide you on your healing path.

energy work:
using hands-on energy work, i assist you in finding energetic balance within yourself.  achieving balance is a dynamic process… our bodies are constantly making adjustments to stabilize our internal environment for optimal functioning.  during this phase/throughout the session, i use energy work to relax the nervous system and assist in balancing the ethereal body to support physical and emotional peace—optimizing your ability for deep transformation.

often during the connection to allies, “homework” will arise.  at the end of the session, we will discuss if any tasks were given to you by your allies, and i will share anything that i sensed/heard/felt/saw.  sometimes it is a clear activity; other times it is a question to play with or a goal to begin to work towards.

does this resonate with you?
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