free consultation: curious if this work can help you?
finding a practitioner that you resonate with and trust can feel daunting.  i value the chance to talk about what is alive for you and let you know what i have to offer without the embedded ‘obligation to schedule’ feeling that can be present when seeking out a healing practitioner.  click here for more info.

plant spirit medicine sessions
whether you are just beginning your healing journey or are a seasoned traveler into yourself, plant spirit medicine sessions are gentle and catalytic.  together, we’ll explore techniques that will help you connect to yourself with ease during your daily life and look at the patterns that are keeping you stuck in physical, emotional, or spiritual pain.  hands-on work guided by plant spirit allies helps to balance your system for optimal healing potential.  for more on how this work can help you thrive in your life click here.

group classes/plant meditation circles
healing and wisdom is often augmented by group focus, energy, and presence.  during each class, we’ll work with one plant spirit in particular and focus on receiving what that plant being has to offer us in our lives.  for more info click here.