who is this for?

plant spirit medicine focuses on tuning into the spiritual essence of plants and using archetypal energies to guide and support you on your healing path.  by helping you build a relationship with your inner wisdom and with the wisdom of the plants, i help you to see and shift the patterns that are keeping you stuck.  i work almost exclusively with plants of the pacific northwest bio-region so individuals have an opportunity to get to know these allies in a deep way.

this work is particularly useful if you resonate with any of the below situations:

  • you feel spacious and at peace when you’re out in the forest or on the mountain but have a hard time maintaining your connection to the peace of the natural world in your day to day city dwelling life.
  • things are going great in your personal relationships until an old pattern gets activated and you find yourself in a swirl of past pains that are affecting your present day life.
  • you’re actively working on your personal and spiritual growth and need an ally to support you with a particularly uncomfortable growing edge.
  • the feedback you receive from others is almost always positive but inside you struggle with feelings of ‘not good enough’ or ‘there’s something wrong with me’ and are looking for a path that will help you transform these old stories from the inside out.
  • you believe in self love and self care but your schedule feels hectic and you struggle to take the steps and utilize the tools that would help you to feel more centered and vibrant in your life.
  • you’ve been interested in connecting with plants for a while but don’t know where to start.

plant spirit medicine works well for people who:

  • feel anxious on a daily or weekly basis
  • are struggling in their personal relationships
  • have suffered a loss (of a loved one, relationship, or job)
  • are in a period of transition (moving, changing jobs, relationship change, etc.)
  • are in a life transition (like becoming a parent, an elder, etc.)
  • struggle with depression or self-worth issues
  • sometimes feel they have no direction in life

and it will work best if:

  • you’re committed to active participation in your healing process
  • you’re open minded
  • you desire a greater connection to yourself
  • you value the natural world and are curious about your place in it
  • you are cultivating compassion for yourself
  • you’re willing to go to unexpected places in yourself
  • you are exploring a connection to Spirit, in whatever way it manifests for you
  • you’re willing to invest in yourself by doing work outside our sessions

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