life has a funny way of bringing you back around to your calling. i’ve always wanted to work with people and thought i would pursue a graduate education in therapy straight out of college, but living in new york city during september 11th, 2001 sent me on a detour into becoming an activist and intentional community enthusiast. while i have been working with people one-on-one in different capacities for over twelve years— as a massage therapist, an energy healer, and an herbalist— i took a winding path to get back to counseling as the place i always knew i wanted to be.

i graduate from the seattle school of body psychotherapy in may 2019 and am on track to become a certified core energetics practitioner. i have also been assisting core energetics process groups with joann lovascio since 2017. i hold an undergraduate degree in psychology from hunter college in nyc and some of the other techniques and philosophies i’ve studied which inform my work are: nonviolent communication, breakthrough shadowwork, conflict mediation, mindfulness meditation, plant spirit medicine, and adult attachment theory.

i’m a lifelong emotional spelunker and inner adventurer, and my passion for my role as a healing guide comes from both my own healing journey and my desire to be in service to life and to our planet.  in an earlier part of my life i struggled with despair and self-worth issues that included years on anti-depressants and recreational drug abuse.  in 2003, i had a profound experience of connection with spirit that led me back to myself. this peak experience brought me back from the brink so to speak, and i’ve also followed it up with many years of diligent self-care and dedication to self-inquiry in order to ground the insights i received in my daily life.

it is important that i acknowledge here that i live and work on the traditional lands of the kathlamet, clackamas, clowwewalla, wasco-wishram, multnomah, and skillot bands of chinook, the tualatin kalapuya, the molalla, and many other tribes who made their homes along the columbia and willamette rivers and their tributaries before european settler colonialism forcibly displaced and dismantled their settlements. the descendants of those affected by this genocide still call these lands home today, and i make this acknowledgment as a small offering in service to opening a greater public consciousness of native sovereignty and cultural rights, and a step toward equitable relationship and reconciliation. in both my personal life i am in an on-going process around interrupting white supremacy and appropriation, doing the best i can in any given moment and accepting the mistakes i may make along the way.

at my essence i am an earth lover, and in the forest you may find me kissing flowers, inhaling the aroma of soil, and singing songs of praise.  i’m a sucker for hot springs, petting the cats of portland, and walking barefoot in the city in the summertime.  i am truly in awe of the mystery and wonder of this world and my place in it, and grateful to have an opportunity to walk my path amidst people committed to their healing.

photo by @tenderheartproductions

photo by @tenderheartproductions