becoming exactly yourself


i like to meditate on the idea that a seed has one purpose on this earth: to become. it contains all of the intelligence it could ever need in order to become exactly what it is meant to be. an artichoke. an orchid. a cedar tree. once it gets growing it has an incredible capacity to face the challenges inherent in becoming on this earth. the seedling will adapt, evolve, and continue to grow.

as humans, we’re not so different from the seed— we face challenges on our journey to creating a meaningful and fulfilling life, on our journey to becoming exactly ourselves, and we also contain a depth of intelligence to help get us there.

growing is beautiful.jpg

there are many paths to explore on your journey

whether you are just beginning your healing journey or are a seasoned traveler into yourself, core energetics is a catalytic process. together we’ll explore techniques that will help you stay connected to your own deep knowing during your day-to-day life, and bring consciousness to the patterns that are keeping you stuck in emotional, relational, or spiritual pain.



finding a practitioner that you trust with your inner world can feel daunting. i value the chance to talk about what is alive for you and let you know what i have to offer without the embedded ‘obligation to buy’ feeling that can be present when seeking out a healing practitioner. contact me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.