one thing i love about core energetics is that it takes a non-pathological approach to the struggles we endure. depression, anxiety, frustrations, grief, unrelenting patterns that create suffering in our lives—underneath all of these is an innocent impulse to protect our tender essence and move towards what we long for.

it may not always be apparent why we suffer in the ways we do or how we are constricting the flow of our own life energy, but rest assured there are good reasons for how and why we do this.  

core energetics explores the intersection of body, mind, and spirit using embodiment practices to bring consciousness to the movement and constrictions of energy in the different levels of our being.

core energetics can help people who

  • are struggling in their personal relationships

  • have difficulty setting boundaries

  • experience anxiety on a daily or weekly basis

  • have a history of trauma

  • have a history of addiction

  • are in a period of transition

  • struggle with depression or self-worth issues

  • sometimes feel they have no direction in life

  • long for a greater sense of aliveness

and it will work best if

  • you desire a greater connection to yourself

  • you’re willing to go to unexpected places in yourself

  • you’re committed to active participation in your healing process

a short history of core energetics

core energetics evolved directly out of the work of the psychoanalyst wilhelm reich—the first western psychiatrist credited with realizing that people’s bodies actually alter and “armor” themselves in response to emotional trauma during development. reich viewed people as unified, holistic body-mind energy systems, and spent much of his career studying the nature of the life force.

dr. john c. pierrakos was a student of reich’s, who took reich’s theories and practices a step further by working with dr. alexander lowen to develop bioenergetics. bioenergetics connected the body and mind in therapeutic practices to holistically overcome emotional problems.

after meeting his future wife, eva broch, and being exposed to her writings— a body of practical spiritual wisdom now known as the pathwork— pierrakos developed core energetics. core energetics combines the spiritual underpinnings of the pathwork with the body and energy work found in bioenergetics.

core energetics is also based on and informed by

  • the therapeutic foundations of relational, emotion-focused, body oriented psychotherapy

  • developmental theories of bonding and attachment

  • the most up-to-date research on trauma-informed therapy