a session begins with a verbal check-in about what is alive for you followed by noticing together where the energy of your patterns resides in your body and where it is blocked, and next exploring movements to facilitate the release of those energetic blocks. the various types of movement we explore range from grounding exercises to cathartic movement to gentle hands-on work. i’ll guide you in applying these movements to best support unwinding the physical and energetic blocks that unconsciously formed as we developed from childhood into adulthood. these blocks are almost always unbeknownst to us; however, the suffering and frustration that result from them are likely no stranger— these are the blocks that keep us stuck in painful dynamics in relationship to ourselves, our families and loved ones, and our work in the world.


currently i am a working towards my certification and am charging a sliding scale of $30-$60 per 60 minute session, asking that you choose an amount that would feel sustainable for on-going sessions should you choose to commit to this work. initial sessions are 90 minutes in length and a flat rate of $55.

this low cost sliding scale is an acknowledgement to my clients that i am still in a learning process, and at the same time my work has value and i'm not doing "practice sessions"— this is real deal therapeutic work!  once i’ve completed my certification requirements my rates will be established to stay consistent with my credentials and my experience. i will retain a certain number of low-cost slots in my practice to keep this amazing work more widely accessible.